Aistis Damulevičius
Attorney at Law/Partner

Tel. +370 600 23369
El. paštas: aistis@ddj.lt

Professional experience
2004-2008 Associate
2005-2008 lecturer, Šiauliai Regional Management, Law and Language College
Since 2008 lawyer, partner

EgleEglė Damulevičiūtė-Jakimavičienė

Attorney at Law/Partner

Tel. +370 676 37747
El. paštas: egle@ddj.lt

Professional experience
2006-2008 trainee, Chief Specialist, Siauliai County State Tax Inspectorate
2008-2012 assistant lawyer
2011-2013 lecturer, Western Lithuanian Business College
From 2012 lawyer, partner

Vladas Damulevičius
Business Consultant

Tel. +370 682 29544
El. paštas: dvladas@gmail.com

Professional experience, other activities
2000-2003 Member of Siauliai City Council
2001-2002 Deputy Mayor, Šiauliai City Municipality
2004-2008 business consultant
2007-2008 Member of Siauliai City Council
2008-2013 Šiauliai City Municipality Administration Director
Since 2010 President of the Association of Directors of Municipal Administration
From 2013 business consultant


Eglė Matutytė

Tel. +370 684 22504
El. paštas: info@ddj.lt

Professional experience
2013 Trainee, Šiauliai District Prosecutor’s Office Šiauliai District Prosecutor’s Office
2014 Trainee, Prosecutor’s Office of the Vilnius District Prosecutor’s Office, Vilnius District
2015-2016 trainee, law firm
From 2016 Lawyer, Damulevičius and Damulevičiūtė-Jakimavičienė, lawyers

Eglė Morkūnienė
Assistant Attorney at Law

Tel. +370 608 09000
El. paštas: egle.morkuniene@ddj.lt

Professional experience
From 2013 lawyer’s assistant, law firm Damulevičius and Damulevičiūtė-Jakimavičienė

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